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The Easter feast begins at sundown on Holy Saturday with the Easter Vigil - an ancient worship which begins with the lighting of the new fire and the new Paschal Candle, the chanting of the Exsultet, reading of lessons which tell of our need of redemption from Sin and the prophetic foretelling of Christ's coming as a means of our redemption. The Vigil culminates in baptisms or a renewal of baptismal vows and then the first Eucharist of Easter.

Easter Day is marked with festal Eucharists, the church adorned with lilies and Spring flowers, and the vestments returning to white to celebrate Christ's triumph over death. Easter is a season of "Alleluias" (which are not said in Lent) and lasts 50 days. During the Easter season, we celebrate the Rogation Days which focus on care of the earth and asking God's blessing on the soil, crops, livestock and farmers followed by the Feast of the Ascension 40 days after Easter. The Easter season concludes on Pentecost Sunday.

Easter Vigil will be held on April 8, 2023 at 7 pm. Easter Sunday worship will be held on April 9, 2023.

Easter Day is April 9, 2023 and we will have Holy Eucharist with Baptisms at 10 am.

Rogation Sunday is May 14, 2023 with worship at 10 am.

Ascension Day is May 18, 2023 and we will have a Eucharist at 7 pm.

Pentecost Sunday is May 25, 2023 with worship at 10 am.

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