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Services During Covid-19

Sundays Online at 10 am

Wednesdays Online  at 11 am

Wednesdays Bible Study at 6 pm

followed by Compline

(Facebook Live and Zoom)

The Church and the Office are Closed.

Email us at all-saints@live.com and we will do our best to assist you

with church business.


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310 Elm Ave

Hershey PA 17033




The Rev. Canon Stephen C. Casey

Interim Rector

The Rev. Glenn D. Miller

Assistant to the Interim Rector

The Rev. Harold F. Morrow


Parish Staff


Mr. Walter Stiller

Organist and Choirmaster


Ms. Paula Boley,

Office Administrator


Ms. Tammy Putt, Bookkeeper


Ms. Cindy Gipe, Housekeeper


Ms. Ginger Giammattei

Parish Nurse

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All Saints Church welcomes all people -

no exceptions - and we are fully accessible

to those with special needs. 


Online Services

Important Update

Because of recent reports of hacked Zoom meetings, our Zoom invitations will be shared only via the parish email list.

The emails are sent in advance of each online

service - watch for it for the password

to join Zoom services.

Not on our email list? Send an email to


to be added to the emailed Zoom invitations. 

Services are also on Facebook Live!

(We are working toward having a direct link to

services on Facebook Live. Watch for news!)

Online Service for Sunday, May 31 Service

Online Bulletin for Sunday, May 31st, at 10 am


Hymns for May 31

Kid's Bulletin Ages 3+

Kid's Bulletin Ages 7+


During the COVID-19 Disruption

from Father Stephen


The church is closed and all church activities (except for online services) have been suspended until further notice. Staff have been advised to use their own discretion on whether to work from the church office or from home. With that in mind, Paula will be in the office some days. Please call to make sure she is there if you have business with the office. Feel free to make contact via email: all-saints@live.com.

Along with many clergy in the diocese, I fall into the high risk category, therefore it is not appropriate that I make any pastoral calls. However, I am available by phone,

should you want to talk with me.


These are trying times for all of us, especially now that many small businesses have been mandated to close. I encourage your prayers for those who have been infected by COVID-19, for those whose jobs are in jeopardy, and for those of our community of all ages who are confined to their homes.

Fr. Stephen


Almighty God, we entrust all who are dear to unto thy never-failing care and love, for this life, and the life to come, knowing that thou art doing for them better things than we can desire or pray for;  through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen

























Online Bulletin for Wednesday, June 3 at 11 am

Online Bulletin for Compline Wednesday June 3

Following Bible Study at 6 pm






Father Stephen's Weekly Message

Dear People of All Saints,


I don’t suppose it is any exaggeration to say that this Sunday, Pentecost Sunday, will be like no other in the memories of most people. Whereas on the Feast of Pentecost the churches are invariably decorated with balloons, the procession ornamented with banners and streamers, this Pentecost, with exception of the clergy and lay who will be conducting the worship, most of the churches will be empty and very plain. In this season of COVID-19, prudence prevails, and it is appropriate that this is so. For the austerity of the circumstances allows us to concentrate on the words of the liturgy itself, and the power of the season. Pentecost is the time when we commemorate the descending of the spirit on the disciples, empowering them to go out into the world to tell the story of Jesus. Pentecost is when we are made aware of the Paraclete, the spirit of God that journeys

with us as a companion in life.


This Sunday and next, Fr. Glenn and I will share the liturgy. This Sunday Fr. Glenn will offer the sermon, and because of Pentecost, I will be celebrating the full service of Holy Eucharist to allow each of you to experience, albeit via zoom and Facebook Live, the symbolism of the Mass. For prudence sake, I alone will receive the elements, but in place of the customary post-communion prayer, the service will conclude with a prayer of Spiritual Communion.


But, to get into the “spirit" of the season (pun intended), I encourage you to wear something red; because it’s Pentecost.


Blessings and Peace,

Fr. Stephen+



A Prayer for the Search Committee

Almighty God, you graciously meet us in all the avenues of our life. In this period of transition, look kindly on the people of All Saints as we seek a new Rector. Grant the members of the Search Committee discerning and inquiring hearts. Gift the people of the parish with listening hearts that they may truly hear each other. Touch those priests seeking a new ministry, and by your Holy Spirit bring all things together, through your Son Jesus Christ. Amen.



NOTE: No Sunday School or Forum

During Closure



Parish News


A Note From Our Senior Warden

  • Becky Cassel has been elected as the Junior Warden for the Vestry.

  • We are moving forward with our effort to enhance our communications through developing an All Saints newsletter, redesigning and improving our webpage and looking at building a Facebook presence.  Anyone interested in being involved, especially if you have any special talents that me be helpful, please reach out to Kevin Parrey at hkparrey@gmail.com.

  • Anyone interested in being part of the mowing team, please contact Kevin Parrey at hkparrey@gmail.com.  We will be creating a mowing schedule shortly.

Kevin Parrey, Senior Warden

Masks For You, Made With Love

One of our parishioners and her friends have graciously made masks for COVID-19 protection. You can find them in the soup pot next to the door nearest the office entrance, mid-building off the parking lot. They are washable and re-usable. This is a blessing as masks to purchase are impossible to find right now. There are two in a pack. Please take just one package.


Note From Love Inc.

Love INC’s Connection Center continues to operate each day behind locked doors, a skeleton crew, maintaining social distancing and safe practices. We anticipate Love INC’s Connection Center will be deluged with calls in the weeks and

months to come.

“And if you spend yourselves in behalf of the hungry and satisfy the needs of the oppressed, then your light will rise in the darkness and your night will become like the noonday.”

To be able to serve our neighbors in need, Love INC could use the help of our partner churches right now. We need to supply our Personal Care Closet for the deluge of requests that we know we will get in the next 6+ months. Below are the items needed most this month. Pick up an item or two when you go to the grocery store, Dollar Tree, Sam’s or Costco etc. Items can be dropped off on Love INC’S porch Monday-Thursday 9am-3pm. If it is easier to drop off at your church, we can collect the items.

feminine regular pads and overnight pads

baby wipes        household cleaners

toilet paper       paper towels      mouth wash











All Saints Episcopal Church

310 Elm Avenue

Hershey, PA   17033



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