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Improving Air Quality at All Saints

As part of our ongoing efforts at reducing the risk of COVID transmission, All Saints has taken steps to improve our indoor air quality. The Vestry approved the purchase and installation of three Levoit 600s HEPA air purifiers. Two of these units are located in the worship space in the west end of the nave and the north transept. The third unit is in the parish hall.

These units are rated to filter the air once per hour for every 2200 square feet. Our worship space is just under 4,000 square feet and the gathering space in our Parish Hall is around 2000.

With winter setting in, we will not be able to open the windows as we have been doing this year, so installing HEPA filtration in addition to the MERV 11 filters in our blower units will help mitigate any airborne viruses including COVID.

All Saints still supports the wearing of masks for our guests and members who feel particularly vulnerable. Our clergy continue to test for COVID regularly for our safety and yours.

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