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Christmas 2021 & COVID

Just as we hoped we would be emerging to a somewhat normal Christmas this year, the Omicron variant has arrived and is raising community transmission rates. As of 12/21, the infection rate in Dauphin County is 1.10 - for every one person infected, 1.1 people will contract COVID. This rate is expected to increase. The CDC rates Dauphin County as an area with "High Community Spread."

Your leadership at All Saints is monitoring this closely. We plan to hold our Christmas Eve service at 5 pm, a Christmas Day service at 10 am and a Lessons & Carols service on Sunday 12/26 at 10 am. We chose to have one worship opportunity each day rather than schedule back to back services which would increase the risk of spread through aerosols. The half-life of COVID aerosols in laboratory conditions is 1-3 hours. Allowing this much time between worship will reduce the risk to the congregation.

The following COVID protocols will be followed at every worship service:

  • Masks must be worn over mouth and nose at all times inside the building.

  • We practice social distancing in seating and interactions ("no contact" passing of peace).

  • We do not pass an offering plate. The offering plate is on a small table as you enter the worship space - please place your offering in it and it will be brought forward at the offertory by the ushers.

  • Quietly singing while masked is allowed. Please don't try to project your voice! God can hear you just fine.

If you are not comfortable with in person worship this year, please join us online. We have a page set up on our website for our Christmas YouTube live streams - it's under the Worship menu at the top of the page.

We will be offering Drive In Communion following the 10 am worship on Christmas Day. Join our live stream for worship and then come over to All Saints to receive your Christmas Communion. Park along Elm Avenue and put your car's flashers on to indicate you are here for Communion and Mother Anjel will bring the Sacrament to you.

We wish you all a safe and blessed Christmas season!

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