Bylaws Adopted 2022

The 2022 Annual Meeting adopted the Vestry recommendation of a new set of bylaws. Click the document icon above to download the new bylaws. The major changes are as follows:

  • Revising the number of Vestry members from the current 9-12 to 4-6. RATIONALE: Our current ASA on in person attendance is about 40. A Vestry which is too large runs the danger of burning out the few who are willing to serve. Revising the number of Vestry members will free members to engage other important ministries. The Vestry will resize by attrition as we will not be electing Vestry members this year.

  • Removes complicated calculations for the definition of a quorum for parish meetings. RATIONALE: Basing a quorum on pre-COVID ASA numbers is not an appropriate metric anymore and would likely result in not being able to obtain a quorum for conducting business at a parish meeting.

  • Addition of a provision for a youth Vestry member with a 1 year term. RATIONALE: The Episcopal Church defines adult members as 16 and older. We recognize serving a 3 year term on Vestry is difficult for our youth, but their voice is important. Having the provision for a 1 year renewable term for a youth Vestry member would offer flexibility to serve. The Youth Vestry member will have voice and vote.

  • Add voting rights to non-elected officers on matters that are NOT reserved to the Vestry by canons. RATIONALE: Officers (Wardens, Treasurer & Clerk) are attending Vestry meetings and the wording of this provision gives them limited voting rights while still protecting the elected Vestry's voice on canonical matters.

  • Add provision whereby the Vestry member may be removed for cause. RATIONALE: If a Vestry member violates the law, is charged with a serious offense, or is unable to fulfill their obligations to serve as a Vestry member, the remaining Vestry members need to be able to act in the best interests of All Saints Parish and declare the seat vacant so that another Vestry member may be selected to fill the position.

Bylaws Adopted 2022