Our Apologies!

The Search Committee has been social distancing, but we have been meeting via Zoom!  Thank you to everyone who participated in the Parish Survey, it gave us great feedback and a better understanding of the needs and wants of the Parish.  The Search Committee is working on a Vision Statement which we will send to the Vestry to adopt or revise.  This statement will be developed from the results of the survey to publish the direction of the church.  This will provide the parish as well as rector candidates an understand of our direction going toward the future.  Once we finalize and gain Vestry approval, we will use the Vision statement to round out the Parish Portfolio which is a total overview of the church, our parish, our worship, community outreach, and our parish family to attract the candidates that will see All Saints as their calling.  Once the Parish Portfolio is complete it will be submitted to the Diocese to be be published as a Parish seeking a new full-time rector.  The Committee will have our second meeting (Via Zoom) with Canon Morrow to start accepting resumes of candidates.  The committee will interview the qualified candidates to identify the best 1 to 3 candidates for the position of

Rector of All Saints.  These candidates will be submitted

to the Vestry for the final decision.  


I am extremely proud of this committee.  We have discussed, debated, and aligned on each step in this journey.  We have prayed for guidance and the Lord continues to provide.  Our group has stayed on task and we are on our planned time table for finding the next rector.  Thank you for your prayers and continued support of our group.


May God Bless and Please Be Safe!

Ned Graff, Chair


The Search Committee

Will Hazard, Secretary

Janet Hoffman, Vestry

Joan Horn, Chaplain

Jim Johnston

Andy Marsh

May Kate O’Hare

Kathy Schmidt

Paul Stagg

 Don MacKay, Vestry Liaison

A Report from the Rector Search Committee

All Saints Episcopal Church

310 Elm Avenue

Hershey, PA   17033



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