​Father Stephen's Message

January 3, 2021   -   Epiphany

Dear members of All Saints, 


In spite of the circumstances, I pray you all had a wonderful and blessed Christmas. I am grateful to everyone who made possible the Christmas Eve service in the church: Walter Stiller and the members of the choir; Fr. Glenn and Deacon Hank, and the tech crew of Becky and Craig Cassel. Not to mention the people in the background: Paula Boley for the zoom invitations and on-line bulletins, Connie Wagner, and the Parrey family who provided consecrated hosts and help decorate the church.  


This Sunday we will anticipate the Feast of the Epiphany, which occurs on Wednesday, 6th January and marks the completion of the Twelve Days of Christmas. We will then be entering what is referred to in the Church as Ordinary Time. But Epiphany is no ordinary season.  Heralded by the Journey of the Magi, the wise men from the East who bring gifts of Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh to the baby Jesus, Epiphany is an event that reveals something about God; it is a season of transfiguration; a season of profound grace, a season of new beginnings. 


With the vestry and search committees meeting after the service on Sunday, 2021 does indeed hold the promise of new beginnings for All Saints. I therefore pray you a blessed Epiphany and a hope-filled New Year. 


Fr. Stephen+  


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